“What’s Best For Me In All This?”

It’s not always easy to find the best solution if you’re trying to combine a good quality epoxy floor with an average budget. But, there’s always a way. Right now, there are a lot of epoxy floor firms offering you great deals where you can easily get confused and lost in that pile of information. Easiest way to solve this problem is to simply make a list. Break it down to certain types of epoxies that you might like and start analyzing. Every epoxy coating is similar in a way with their own pros and cons, but if you follow your own list you can easily manage and find a way.
For example, if you’re looking for a floor in a garage make sure to have in mind what use you’ll make of off the garage. Will it only be used for saving your vehicle or also for repair of many other vehicles?

Best garage epoxy coating system

Epoxy floorPremium multi-coat epoxy system would be the best out there that you can use. It doesn’t take long to install and can be easily put into the group of average budget solutions. It consists of a primer coat, acrylic colored paint if that’s what you desire, 100% solid basecoat and couple of clear epoxy or, by choice, polyurethane. It is usually between 30 and 40 mm thick and can last for 15-20 year or even more, depending on it’s purpose. Regarding the thinner consistency, it allows the epoxy to seep deeper into the concrete and initially creates a better bond. It helps prevent pinholes and bubbles that can be caused from outgassing the concrete and it creates better adhesion for the basecoat. Premium epoxy system will involve a primer and most primers can and will be anywhere from 50% to 70% solids content. This primer will make for consistency and thinner coat.

Something to have in mind

Metal epoxyIf, by any chance, you desire to apply the epoxy coating yourself, you can, without much trouble, create any combination of these mentioned above. Make sure to compare coverage rate, the price and solids content if you’re looking for different brands to combine, since many of them offer different rates of coverages. Have in mind that stretching out the product more than it’s been recommended can cause it to not last for as long as it’s been prescribed and can easily succumb to damages that aren’t easily repaired.

If there you have any doubts, it’s better to contact a professional and ask for advice or even aid with applying the coat –  any way, it will cost you less to ask for help then to start over and spend even more money on the same products or products for repair. Also, don’t forget to check that list couple of times, over and over again if you have to, just to make sure you picked the right combinations.