Epoxy Floors – Are They The Right Choice For You?

There are a couple of things you should be aware of when choosing your next flooring. As with everything else in interior work, there are certain pros and cons when it comes to epoxy floors as well.

The very first thing that made you drawn to this type of floors is probably their appearance. They look extremely professional and make your home seem well put together, with a lot of care and a lot of thought put in it. Maintaining is somewhat easier than with other flooring types due to the even, smooth surface they provide, making random spills at parties a lot less of a nightmare.

Epoxy floors are incredibly easy to install. They can be put directly on concrete or other types of flooring. This characteristic implies the next one – you will hardly find a flooring material that has a more affordable price since the installation costs are a lot lower than you’d get with other materials.

Epoxy floors are the future

Highly resistant to almost every chemical known to mankind today, they are often found in places which demand a floor that is able to put up with a lot of spillage and ‘dirty’ work, such as garages. Another amazing trace is that epoxy is heat and water – resistant, and also resistant to germs and bacteria, making it an excellent choice for places like clinic and hospitals.

The epoxy coating has a greater longevity than other floors. If you have it installed properly, it will last a couple of decades and appear as new, which is not something you can expect from other flooring materials.

Thanks to its durability and low cost of installation as well as easy maintaining, you can use epoxy for protecting underlying flooring, such as concrete. While it may be the winner of the ‘durability duel’ compared to epoxy, don’t forget that proper sealing and maintaining it will cost you a lot more.

FlooringAlthough it may seem like a perfect solution to almost all the problems you can have regarding your floor, don’t forget that you will still have to take care of it, as with everything else. Epoxy’s durability and longevity don’t last forever – especially if heavy objects are dropped or massive vehicles are driven over it. In order to make the damage less of a headache, try to avoid any cracking and chipping.

Due to extreme smoothness, epoxy will easily get slippery. You don’t want to forget about this, especially if you’re an elderly person.

Although easily put over other materials, the process itself is quite a thing – you need to prepare the underlying surface extremely well, and this would mean thorough cleaning and removal of any substance that could be on it, such as oil. This preparation is not the one to be rushed. This also applies to the time needed when installing the floor. It can turn into a long process, especially considering the fact that you need to wait for the first coat to dry completely before adding the next one over it.