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If you compare epoxy floor coatings that look professional and vanguard with regular office or garage floors you can see a clear difference on many basis. Starting from maintenance – it’s easy, it requires no special products to clean stains since nothing sticks to these type of floors – a gentle sweep every now and then, and you’re good to go! Regarding appearance, like we said it looks vanguard and professional, perfect for those who so weep for futuristic surroundings. It can be matched with any furniture – office desks, computer desks, shelves etc. Epoxy floors can be installed over any surface and prices are slightly lower compared to regular floors.



What Our Customers Say

  • Home

    “When my parents passed away, my wife and I decided to move to their house. First thing I wanted to work on was their garage that hasn’t been used in a long time and it stood there for as long as I can remember. These people helped me decide which floor could withstand the test of time and I even got happy by the design, too!”

    Bryan Stevenson
  • Ron

    “When I moved in to my new apartment I decided my living room needed a lot of rework. I started going through some sites looking for solution, since the only idea I had was to start from the floor. These people helped me avoid a lot of problems I later heard that I could have made. I’m really happy by their service.”

    Ron Fischer
  • Nina

    “There was that one time when my boyfriend and I decided to start using our old basement for something, but when we went down there we remembered why we didn’t for all these years. From the moist and water the floor was totally destroyed. We decided to consult with these people and now, I have something like a metal floor that asks for a little sweep every two or three days and it looks so futuristic and awesome!”

    Nina Stillos

Services We Provide

Floor Polishing

Interesting thing about epoxy floors is that they don’t necessarily require polishing or waxing. Since epoxy floors are usually placed in crowded places, or places where people pass a lot during the day ( offices in business objects, for example) they could lose that shine they had when placed. At that case, they can be waxed or polished with regular products used for that purpose with no professional assistance.

Renewing and Refinishing

Epoxy floors are designed to withstand big crowds and a lot of traffic, like we said earlier, they don’t require constant care on daily basis. If, by any case, there is a great deal of traffic or abuse to the floor, you can consult with someone from our firm to help you choose which product could suit you best in renewing the look of the floor. Before that, you only need to scrub off any oils or wax that might have been used before.

Regular daily basis cleaning

If, by any case, you insist on mopping the floor on a daily bases, make sure to use a simple combination of water and detergent. Just make sure not to use the detergent with higher concentration that recommended, so that you don’t damage the flooring. Have in mind that that might not happen the same day, but by using the same, not recommended, detergent over and over.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Procedure

Start: First thing we do when applying the coating of epoxy floors is making sure the surface we apply It on is cleaned of off any materials that might cause cracking or damage of epoxy flooring over a certain period of time. So, preparing of surface would be our first step, after that comes removal of dust followed by removal of plastic or any adhesive residues. When we’re done with preparations we check if there are any cracks that must be filled with epoxy material and left for a certain period (14 days) to rest.

Mixing of materials and finishing the job: After the materials have been mixed applying would be our next step. Rolling the surface and making sure not to over roll would follow, after which comes the final phase in which we clean the surface and make it ready for ‘use’.

Epoxy floors

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